The number one lie that we tell ourselves is that you have to be smart to get A’s in school.

But it’s not true.

Did you ever have a sick feeling in your stomach because everybody else in class was getting it, but you didn’t? Is it like World War 3 every night to get your high school student to do their homework? Or if you are a student, are you suffering from depression, stress, or anxiety because you feel like you are defined by your grades, but you want so much more out of your life?

Hi, my name is Damian Castaneda. I have been a litigation attorney in California for 21 years. I struggled in school. And I felt less than everybody else because I was in the slow group. I never understood what the heck the teacher was talking about. But one day all of that changed. And I want to show you how that can change for you.

I am on a mission to create a worldwide movement to help students learn the secret skills to getting “A’s” in school and still have a social life. I am doing this because I am the student that nobody believed in. But I believe in you. I believe that you CAN excel in school. I believe you really CAN be the person you have dreamed of becoming. I believe that you are just one A away from self-confidence, one A away from getting your parents off your back, and one A away from getting into the college of your dreams.

Stop listening to people who just tell you to get better grades, but don’t show you how. Join me on the ultimate student journey that I call Challenge.Me.